No Dance, No Palaver (2017-2018) ︎

No Dance, No Palaver is a series of 3 works; Her Name in My Mouth (2017), Sitting on a Man (2018) and Specialised Technique (2018),  which cover research into the Aba Women's War of 1929. All of the films use the first major anti-colonial uprising in Nigeria as an entry point to experiment with colonial moving images relating to West Africa during the first half of the 20th century. No Dance, No Palaver serves as an attempt to use critical proximity, being close to, with or amongst, the visual trauma of the colonial archive to transform the way in which we know the people it contains.


Image 1: Documentation of No Dance, No Palaver from [POST] Colonial Bodies I, MUNTREF, Buenos Aires 2019. Images 2 & 3: Stills from Her Name in My Mouth (2017). Images 4 & 5: Stills from Sitting on a Man (2018). Images 6 & 7: Stills from Specialised Technique (2018). All images are courtesy of the artist.